Surface treatment


Metal workpieces are often exposed to extreme loads.

Weathering, corrosion, and mechanical stress can decisively shorten the service life of a machine. That is why we offer professional surface treatment for our products ex works. Whether blasting, single layer priming or a complete multi-layer coating in numerous color shades, everything is possible.

The size of components does not matter. In our generously dimensioned painting booths measuring 6.5 x 6.5 x 17 meters and weighing up to 100 tons, there is enough room for even the largest component. It goes without saying that we can apply coatings from all common manufacturers, both single-component and two-component, water-thinnable or solvent-based.

Your advantages

  • Surface treatment of all components ex factory

  • Numerous options, e.g. blast cleaning with different media, single-layer priming or multi-layer painting

  • Fast completion, owned to booth that can be heated up to 80°.
  • Use of colors of all common manufacturers possible, also as two-component paint
  • Full quality control according to ISO 9001:2015, ASME and other international standards
  • First-class product result thanks to our qualified and certified employees

Do you have a project in which we could support you? Please feel free to arrange an appointment.