The Menk-Schmehmann Group (MSG) in Bad Marienberg is facing a major restructuring. Due to the poor earnings situation, the production of Menk Apparatebau GmbH is to be stopped in the course of the next year. With this cut, the company is drawing the obvious conclusion from many loss-making years. Around 170 employees are likely to be affected. The 36 apprentices and the employees of the Schmehmann company were not affected.

“We are aware that this is a far-reaching decision that hits our employees hard. We started discussions with the works council in order to find a socially acceptable and fair arrangement, ”said MSG managing directors Michael Schneider and Rüdiger Siefert at a staff meeting on Thursday. "We will now have all the necessary discussions uniterrupted so that our employees can quickly see what that means for them," said Schneider and Siefert.

"Although we have done everything again and significant investments have been made to improve the profitability of the Corrugated Tank and Cooling Radiator product lines, there have been no notable successes," said Schneider and Siefert. Unfortunately, the general economic situation has also changed to the worse significantly, so that no improvement can be expected from the market side either.

After intensive examination, this measure sees the most effective way to make the group of companies more profitable and thus more future-proof. "That is the goal we are working towards," says the management.