We align all business processes to the requirements of our customers. At Menk-Schmehmann, the following factors are at the center of our own business considerations:

  • Satisfying customer needs with reliable products and services,
  • competent advice to build a mutual trust with the customer,
  • high product quality and adherence to delivery dates,
  • constant increase in the quality awareness of all employees,
  • the generation of a creative work environment and
  • the improvement of the company's environmental performance.

These indispensable factors explain the high quality level of Menk-Schmehmann. We work at all locations according to globally applicable regulations and are certified accordingly.

A continuous optimization of our processes and products according to the standard DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 are the basic requirements for a successful company. This is how we ensure success for our company, our employees, customers and suppliers.

The company management (top management) is responsible for the effective implementation of the quality management system (QMS) and is accountable for it. It also ensures that the quality policy and quality objectives for the QMS are set and compatible with the context and strategic direction of the organization.

By integrating the QMS into the business processes, the process-oriented approach and risk-based thinking are promoted. With the help of the annual management review it is ensured that the intended results are met and the importance of effective quality management is communicated.